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Ultime Disney Wedding


Meet the Bride


Jaime Chandler opted for an Ariel inspired wedding look, complete with bold red hair and matching nautical accessories.

Meet the Bro Prince


Christopher, err I mean, Prince Eric, is surrounded by his court of memorable Disney characters.

The Princess’s Princesses


In keeping with the Disney fanboy(girl?) theme, our bridesmaids wore gowns representing different Disney Princesses. Now I don’t want to offend anyone here, but I always that Cinderella pulled rank on all the other princesses, no?

Almost Time!


We’re not exactly sure where this takes place, but if this is someone’s living room, we’re sensing a strong disney influence here as well. Notice the quote above the window valance.

King Triton


Obviously, King Triton was on hand to walk his daughter down the isle. Unfortunately, this King Triton opted for a shirt on approach.

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Yung anjan kana tapos bigla nalang may haharang.

↖ Nagmumura pero maganda paren.